Best Golf Rangefinder Reviews 2016: Ultimate Guide for Golfers

A laser rangefinder is considered by many to be an essential tool for the golfers, especially for those who wish to get the benefit of exact yardages. With the help of a laser rangefinder, you will be able to gain access to the most accurate yardage for every target you have in view even if it is several hundred yards away! Most of them come with magnification capabilities while operating them is no more difficult than using a point-and-shoot camera.

Thanks to these rangefinders, every budding golfer can work his way through even the most difficult golf course irrespective of the conditions they encounter. The best thing about it all is that their batteries never seem to run out and allow you to use them for a remarkably long period.

Buying a laser rangefinder is not the easiest task with a considerable number of options at your disposal. However, there are a number of features that you should take into account before making your selection. Golf rangefinders can be compared based on the following aspects:

  • The range over which they are operational
  • The magnification that each one offers
  • Does the rangefinder have a slope? Remember this is not something recommended
  • Their battery life
  • Quality of display
  • Product size

Take your pick from our range of laser rangefinder products and help us assist you in making the right choice!

Top 10 Golf Laser Rangefinders – Crowning the Best in the Game


For any golfer – professional or amateur – getting the exact yardages while teeing off on the greens is a priority. This is where a laser rangefinder becomes not only a handy tool but an essential component for their game play. These are capable of assisting the golfer in obtaining accurate yardages for all their visible targets, even if these targets are as many as several hundred yards away.

A number of these rangefinders also come with magnification capabilities. As far as the matter of their operation is concerned, using a laser rangefinder is as easy as operating a point-and-shoot camera. These golfing accessories are typically suited for all types of golf courses and can be of assistance irrespective of the conditions. Another commendable feature is that the batteries on these products don’t seem to die down too easily, so you get considerable work out of them!

Things to Consider

The first thing that you need to take note of before buying a laser golf rangefinder is that each of these products has a certain amount of accuracy for a specific number of yards. So if you find one that is giving you wrong readings, have it replaced without a second thought. Here are some of the things that you need to keep in mind while buying a golf laser rangefinder.


It is up to you to decide whether you want a rangefinder that gives you the measure of Slope. Slope gives you a measure of any change in elevation between you and your target. It also gives an estimate of the distance a shot is likely to travel and the actual distance to the target. While it is a useful feature, the Rules of Golf consider it to be an illegal measure. However, if you have no intention of using it in a competition, then it is definitely worth considering.


Laser rangefinders can give you anywhere between zero to 7x magnification. It is commonly believed that with a higher magnification you are in a better position to hit the right target.


If your rangefinder is too small and you need two hands to keep it steady, then handling the device could prove to be an issue. The use of two hands definitely makes it a whole lot easier to get the accurate range. There are several wider models that comfortably fit into both hands.


While this is something unexpected, readability tends to vary with each of the golf rangefinders. It has been observed that a unit that gives out the readings in Red color is much easier to see. Although this comes at a price, it is worth paying for that extra feature.

Scan Mode

On most laser rangefinder models, you get a scan mode. In this setting, the rangefinder scans the targets you have set within a range and tries to get hold of the one that it thinks is right. All of this is done when you hold down a button or for a few seconds after you press a button. Using a rangefinder with the Scan mode turned on is makes it easier to operate the device so it is something worth trying.

Review of the Top 10

Now let us take a look at the Top 10 Golf Laser Rangefinders in the market.

Bushnell Tour V3 Jolt Standard Edition
Bushnell Tour V3 Jolt Standard Edition Golf Laser Rangefinder

Featuring an ergonomic design in addition to its critically acclaimed PinSeeker with Jolt technology, the Tour V3 sets the benchmark in terms of being the complete package among laser rangefinder products. Whether you want to have the feel, performance, or design, this device gives it all!

Thanks to the use of the Jolt technology, any undue concerns the golfer might have had are banished. It delivers short vibrating bursts as a reinforcement that the laser has firmly locked onto the flag. This is something that is admired and sought-after for the professional golfers and anyone would love to have a feel of it in their hands! Read more full

PinSeeker Technology

With an exclusive design that specifically takes into account the bottom of the cup, it allows you to easily capture the flag without locking onto background objects unintentionally. In situations where it acquires more than one object, the LCD display shows the closer of the two targets.

Pin Point Accuracy and Consistency

In the Tour V3 Jolt you get the perfect combination of consistency and pinpoint accuracy that allows you to range flags that are as much as 300 yards away without requiring the assistance from any prism or reflector glasses.

It is powered by a 3-volt battery and offers magnification up to 5X. An ergonomic design and rubber armoring gives it a grip that is as easy as you can possibly imagine. The device also comes with a premium carrying case.

Use of the Tour V3 Jolt is legal in golfing tournaments and for the posting of scores to measure a handicap. Among its various other features are a provision to measure distance in both meters and yards. There is also a standard SCAN mode that lets you pan across the landscape and view the subsequent updates of the distance between you and your target on the LCD display.

Summary of Its Various Features and Specifications

  • It comes equipped with a PinSeeker and Jolt technology
  • The SCAN mode gives continuous updates on the LCD display screen as you pan across the landscape
  • Ranging performance varies across 5 yards to 1000 yards with distance to a flag measurable over 300 yards
  • This device is accurate within one yard
  • A 24mm objective and 5x magnification, while you can operate it vertically with a single hand
  • Stable grip provided by an ergonomic design
  • Premium carry case and 3-volt battery come included with this product
  • It can be legally used in any tournament
Bushnell Tour Z6 with Jolt
Bushnell Tour Z6 Golf Laser Rangefinder with JOLT

The Tour Z6 laser rangefinder from Bushnell is capable of instantaneously acquiring flags within a distance of 450 yards, and it does so with an incredible range and extreme speed. The device will give you readings that are accurate to ½ a yard. It comes with adjustable diopter settings and a magnification of 6X.

This golf laser rangefinder is fitted into a rubber armored metal housing that makes it waterproof. The Tour Z6 Jolt is easily the most technologically advanced laser rangefinder in the world that you can think of holding in the palm of your hands.Read more full

Extreme. Speed. Feature Second Generation Technology

Better known as E.S.P 2 this technology gives you better speed and accuracy while determining the yardage. The acquisition speed has been increased to lightning-fast levels while it is accurate to anywhere between 5-125 yards. The display shows the distance to an accuracy of 1/10th of a yard.

PinSeeker with Jolt Technology

The use of PinSeeker with Jolt Technology gives the golfer a series of short vibrating bursts that reinforce the fact that the laser has been successfully locked on to the flag. Thanks to the existence of this technology, any lingering doubt of failure in the minds of the golfer should ideally disappear. This is something the pros use, and now you too can get a measure of the actual distance.

It Has Been Certified By Professionals

The Bushnell Tour Z6 Jolt is one of the leading golf rangefinders in the golf accessories market. It has been certified by professional golfers with as many as 97% of the pros in PGA tours giving their votes in favor of this device.

Vivid Display Technology

A technology designed specifically for the premium Bushnell rangefinders, this optical enhancement comes as a dramatic improvement with regards the light transmission, clarity, and contrast of the device. It also increases the brightness of the digital readout information, thus allowing positive and rapid identification in every possible lighting condition. Simply put, it has the best heads-up projection display among all laser rangefinders.

Summary of Features and Specifications

  • It comes with PinSeeker with Jolt technology
  • Accuracy is down to ½ yard
  • Ranging performance varies between 5 yards to 1300 yards while it is accurate in measure of 450 yards to a flag
  • Vivid Display Technology allows readability in all lighting conditions
  • Magnification factor of 6x
  • The diopter settings are adjustable
  • Comes with a rubber-armored metal housing which makes it waterproof
Leupold GX-4i
Leupold GX-4i Rangefinder

The Leupold GX-4i golf laser rangefinder is an upgraded version over the previous models in this series of golf accessories. Among its many features is a 1-touch scanning mode, pin targeting technology, and prism lock. The first of these features is a particularly helpful one since it allows you to scan across targets while simultaneously providing updated distance readings. The GX-4i is also capable of providing distances based on its slope apart from having the provision of having adjustment for altitude and temperature. Read more full

Ease of Use

The Leupold GX-4i features a vertical orientation and can be held easily. It has an aluminium exterior with rubber areas so as to allow a better grip. The accompanying Smart Key faceplate can be added to make up for the slope compensation.

It also features a bright red OLED display that blinks rapidly. However, this can prove to be a major distraction while the distances are being updated. The device has two buttons – one on the top for firing the laser while the other on the left hand side allows adjustment of modes and settings.

Other Features

The PinHunter on this device makes it easier to acquire the distance to a specific target since it eliminates the readings from some of the other larger reflective objects that may exist nearby. The pin-locator mode remains on at all times even when you are panning across an area. This way the need to switch to and fro between two different modes is eliminated.

With the help of the Fog Mode, the device provides better performance rainy and foggy weather conditions as it screens out the false readings. Prism Lock helps it in acquiring targets with the use of reflective prisms. This becomes enabled every time you use the laser rangefinder for scanning a distance that is over 30 yards away.

As soon as the device detects a flagstick, a beeping sound is generates while brackets appear around the cursor and the display gets frozen.

Summary of Specifications and Features

  • The device comes with a pin hunter and prism lock technology that gives it proper calibration and makes it easy to find a target
  • It has an improved optical system, making it easier to view the readings even in poor visibility
  • Continuous update of the distances as you pan across a specific area, scanning for suitable targets
Leica Black Rangemaster 1600-B CRF with Case Rangefinder 40534
Leica Black Rangemaster 1600-B CRF with Case Rangefinder 40534

With the Rangemaster 1600-B from Leica, the art of ranging reaches a new unparalleled level. When you know precise distances you can hit more accurate shots downrange and this laser rangefinder provides you with all the necessary information for making proper shot placements.

A one of a kind product, one of its main features is the newly developed ABCTM ballistic program that makes a combination of critical elements such as barometric pressure, temperature, and angle, which usually contribute to you playing any kind of errant shots. This program also has integration with specific ammunition parameters to get a hold on ballistic calculations. This advanced technology combines with a high performance optical system, allowing the formation of clear images for objects even if they are at extreme ranges.Read more full

Thanks to the wide field of view, it is now a breeze to find your target with the Leica Black Rangemaster laser rangefinder. Aquadura hydrophobic coating is used as a measure of protection on the lenses. A simple device on the whole, this can be operated with ease as it is lightweight and compact, thus giving you the confidence to make the shot of a lifetime even under the most difficult and demanding of circumstances.

Summary of Specifications and Features

  • An intelligent ABCTM ballistic program makes it easy to calculate distances even over rough, uncertain terrain. This is particularly useful while operating this device on hilly slopes
  • This device is ideal for application in all field sports and can be used along with other field sport equipment
  • An ergonomic design and compact size makes handling this product a breeze
  • The product has an outstandingly bright view which allows easy range finding even in tough weather conditions and low light
  • It can cover a maximum range of 1600 yards
Bushnell Pro X7 Slope with Jolt
Bushnell Pro X7 Slope Golf Laser Rangefinder with Jolt

Regarded as the most powerful laser rangefinder in the world, the Bushnell Pro X7 has an incredible ranging capability and can range a target from over 550 yards away. It gives accuracy correct to ½ yard and features magnification of 7X with HD optics.

The Pro X7 is tour certified and a waterproof device. With the help of Slope technology, you can measure the slope correct to one degree of an angle. The compensated range can also be accounted for based upon the type of club and ball trajectory. The display comes out clearly on an LCD screen. Read more full

PinSeeker with Jolt Technology

The Pro X7 laser rangefinder has been exclusively designed keeping in mind the bottom of the cup. With the help of this mode, the flag can be easily targeted without inadvertently hitting upon any other target in the background. When it encounters more than one target to range, it always takes the closer one into account. The display comes up on its LCD screen.

The use of Jolt technology puts to rest any doubt in the minds of the golfer. It delivers short vibrating bursts to reinforce the fact that the laser has successfully locked on to the flag. This is a feature that makes this device a trusted name among the professional golfers.

Vivid Display Technology

A technology designed specifically for the premium range of Bushnell laser rangefinders, this optical enhancement results in a dramatic improvement for the light transmission, clarity and contrast. It also gives brighter digital readout information for better identification in all types of lighting conditions. A better projection display is hard to come across!

E.S.P Second Generation Technology

E.S.P 2 or the Extreme Speed Precision Second Generation technology gives more accuracy and faster yardage than ever before. Not only has the acquisition speed been increased to a seemingly lightning fast level, this technology also makes the device accurate within a range of 5-125 yards with the display distance accurate to 1/10th of a yard. Irrespective of your level of skill in the game, this accurate technology will make you more confident in the knowledge that you have the precise yardage for every shot that you take.

Summary of Specifications and Features

  • Use of PinSeeker with Jolt technology allows the device to zero in on the flag
  • Accurate down to ½ yard of measurement
  • Ranging performance over a range of 5 yards to 1 mile
  • S.P 2 technology for more accurate yardages
  • Vivid Display Technology to suit every lighting condition
  • Magnification up to a measure of 7X along with HD optic capabilities
  • Slope technology to compensate for distances over changing elevations
  • Waterproof device
Leupold GX-1i2 Digital
Leupold GX-1i2 Digital Golf Rangefinder

It has often been observed that mid-range products from various companies don’t always get the attention they deserve compared to some of their less erstwhile flagship counterparts. Nevertheless, these can have equally exciting things to offer the customer once they know where to look. The Leupold GX-1i2 is one such product. While it is capable of delivering in performance much like its more expensive compatriots, you get to experience all of the delightful features at a considerable rate of discount.  Read more full

Easy To Setup and Easy To Use

The Leupold GX-1i2 does not require any set up and can be used with considerable ease. This is something we have observed in most of the rangefinders that dominate the current market. All you have to do is insert the battery, press the power button and the aiming reticule shows up on the screen. A second push on the button gives a measure of the distance.

This device comes with certain options that help in customizing and enhancing its overall performance. There are as many as seven aiming reticules for a better customization of the display. The distance measurement can also be chosen for display either in meters or in yards. Add to that the Fog Mode and audio signals from Prism Lock which can be changed by holding down the Mode button and toggling with the Power button.

Better Accuracy and Comfortable Performance

The GX-1i2 comes with such features as Prism Lock, PinHunter 2 and DNA (Digitally eNhanced Accuracy) which combine to give better accuracy while locking on to even the most crowded or reflective target. It is accurate to within half a yard which is a far greater accuracy than most golfers can possibly dream of!

The device also has a design that allows easy fit into your hands. The rubber top allows to you to get better traction even when the atmosphere is considerably damp and moist. The laser is light and small so that you can carry it in your pocket in between the shots. However, it is not so small that people with large hands find it difficult to handle.

Summary of Specifications and Features

  • Advanced infrared laser and DNA engine give better accuracy and allow measurements to be taken faster than usual
  • The use of Prism Lock technology gives unparalleled accuracy
  • It is rugged and compact, allowing ease of use
  • Completely waterproof
  • It is certified for use in professional golfing tournaments
Nikon COOLSHOT AS Laser Rangefinder

In this laser rangefinder, you get a combination of the legendary optical performance from Nikon with the some advanced distance measurement technologies in use in the industry at present. It comes with an all new Golf Mode complete with ID (Incline/Decline) technology for providing distance readings with slope adjustment to give you an accurate measure for downhill or uphill shots.

You also get to experience the benefit of bright, crisp views that are a result of multilayer-coated optics from Nikon. It also features an exceptionally long eye-relief, a wide field of view, and an ergonomic design of the body. In short, the COOLSHOT AS has been specifically designed keeping the comfort of the user in mind. Combine that with some of the other features such as incredible accuracy and speed, and you have a dedicated golf rangefinder that is sure to add an extra dimension to your style of play. Read more full

Golf Mode with ID Technology

Now you can slope adjusted distances for your uphill or downhill shots with the new Golf Mode in this Nikon golf laser rangefinder. It also makes use of the new ID (Incline/Decline) technology to give you better accuracy and angle-compensated distances so that you do not make any mistake with choosing the club and hitting the ball along the proper trajectory.

Large Ocular Lens

A large 18mm ocular lens gives a faster view so that you waste less time in taking measurements and can utilize your time in making your shots. A long eye relief is another comforting measure while this device also offers a wide field of view.

Lightweight and Compact

The lightest of golf bags feel like a massive load on hot summer days out in the golf course. The COOLSHOT AS from Nikon is extremely lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry around. In fact, you can have it conveniently stored in your pocket or attach it along with your bag. The six-and-half extra ounces of this laser rangefinder will barely be noticeable.

Summary of Specifications and Features

  • Get slope adjusted readings of ranged distances with the new Golf Mode feature
  • Tru Target Technology allows you to range the closest target among a group of clustered targets
  • An ultra-compact size makes it convenient to store and carry the device
Bushnell Tour V3 Slope
Bushnell Tour V3 Slope Laser Rangefinder

With the Bushnell Tour V3 Slope, you get pretty much the same capabilities and features that have been observed with the Jolt Standard Edition model. It comes with the innovative Jolt technology that alerts the user with vibrations once the PinSeeker locks on to its desired target. It has a ranging distance of 10-1000 yards with the accuracy measurable down to one yard.

The Slope is also one of the cheaper models from Bushnell but do not compromise on the speed and accuracy of readings. It can be used in getting positive handicap and is legal for playing golf tournaments. Read more full

Ease of Use

The Tour V3 Slope comes with compact dimensions and is considerably light, weighing in at less than 8 ounces. It has rubber lining in a number of key areas for giving the device an enhanced grip. There is also an adjustable eyepiece with the diopter adjustments along a range of +/- 2.

A firm twist of the viewing area allows the eyepiece to be adjusted. This can be easily done with one hand and although you would be better off holding the device with one hand and working around it with the other.

There is just one button located at the top of the unit. It is the primary power button and is responsible for turning the rangefinder on and off. This button can also be used for making various adjustments to the settings and to power the laser. One drawback is that the cross-hair cannot be changed.

Other Features

The Bushnell Tour V3 Slope allows readings to be taken in both yards and meters. There is also a convenient scan mode for reading the distances on numerous targets as you pan across the landscape. Flags can be range without the objects in the background causing a hindrance thanks to the PinSeeker technology. It also provides data on the closes target where multiple objects are read.

Summary of Specifications and Features

  • It has a 24mm objective and 5X magnification, and the device can be operated with a single hand
  • Range finding works in a span of 10-1000 yards while a flag can be pinned at a distance of up to 300 yards
  • Jolt vibrations and PinSeeker technology activates in Pin Seeker mode. Scan mode gives continuous updates of measurement on LCD display screen as you pan across a landscape
  • A compact ergonomic design makes this product easy to grip
Leupold 119087 GX-3i2 Digital
Leupold 119087 GX-3i2 Digital Golf Rangefinder

If you are looking for something that is elegant, compact, and comes with a wide range of features, the Leupold 119087 is easily your best answer. Apart from having an exterior that is elegant yet simple to look at, the device offers a wide range of features that makes the whole idea of golfing a fun and easy experience. A stand out feature on this rangefinder is the USGA approved Conforming Line of Sight ranging that allows instant measurement for any shot that you may be interested in playing. Some smart features also help you get through tough weather conditions such as in the fog so that you can hit your target even when visibility is a hindrance.   Read more full

Prism Lock and PinHunter 2

Many golfers complain of problems locking on to the flagsticks. With most of the ordinary golf rangefinders, this is usually a predominant issue. The GX-3i2 lets you lock on to the flagsticks with ease and you can also stay on the pin without facing any kind of difficulty. This is possible even though you may have the most unsteady hands for a golfer. Locking on to a flag is the key to accurate ranging, experts believe.

There is also an improved PinHunter 2 Laser Technology that filters out the background image and zeroes in on the target with greater speed and accuracy. You also get to choose from three different reticule options for a better flexibility.


Leopold is famous in the American market for being the authority in optics in the country. They are renowned in the field of innovation, having introduced different amazing gadgets and tools so that everything is a bit easier and clearer to see and understand. The GX-3i2 features the same kind of superior optical quality and unchallenged ruggedness while also being completely waterproof.

Summary of Specifications and Features

  • This device is equipped with a vivid OLED display and also comes with the revolutionary DNA technology
  • The GX-3i2, with its incredible compact body made of aluminium, is a symbol of ruggedness
  • Compliant with USGA standards and is the only rangefinder to offer line-of-sight distance measurement
  • Features Prism Lock and Pin Hunter technologies
  • A quick set menu allows you to find certain quick launch functions
Laser RangeFinder with Flagseeker VPRO500 – Laser Binoculars
Laser Binoculars Flagseeker VPRO500®

The VPRO500 features the use of upscale and solid materials while being soft and sleek with superficial coating on it. It comes equipped with an additional focus dial that gives better resolution and clarity. Among the other highlights is its use of advanced technology in designing the optical properties. This gives a better sharpness and image clarity in all conditions. This device also works nicely as a high-end viewing monocular. Read more full

Availability of Three Different Modes

A unique aspect of this laser rangefinder is the availability of three active and distinct modes used in locating the flagsticks. These help in finding the range to the flagsticks even in unfavorable, cluttered backgrounds and can be used to separate the flags from other background objects.

Rain Proof

While it is not totally resistant to moisture, this cheap rangefinder offers resistance to rain. The battery pack is nicely enclosed so that it does not get influenced by moisture. This is a crucial feature that prevents corrosion along the electric terminals.

High-tech Optical Elements

With an accuracy of a one yard and magnification factor of 6X, this laser rangefinder is a state-of-the-art product. It features a high-end optical system and advanced styles for the digital circuits. Multi-coated optics and through-the-lens yard display take it a notch higher compared to some of the more basic models as far as reliability and lens resolution is concerned.

Sturdy and Durable

Though the device is comfortable lightweight, it features the use of some tough materials while a padded case provides convenient cushioning against all external mechanical impacts. Dust accumulation is prevented on the gloss surface which also does not allow foreign particles to settle and be an obstruction to the smooth view.

Ultra-Compact and Super-Lightweight

The VPRO500 weighs in at a meager 7 ounces. The compact dimensions and design also ensure that it can be transported and stored without any difficulty.

Summary of Specifications and Features

  • Wide scope of ranging, it can locate a flagstick up to a distance of 540 yards. Features advanced Pin-Sensor technology and scan mode
  • Has a water-resistant body and is also a durable product
  • Multilayered, ultra-clear optics allow easy viewing through the lens and clear display of the readings. Continuous measurement mode allows fast and convenient measurements as you pan across a landscape
  • The device features compact measurements and is comfortable lightweight. Glossy body makes it dust and water resistant

And The Best of the Best

It seems a bit unfair to suggest that one of the golf laser rangefinders should be singled out for higher praise in front of the others. All of the products listed above are equally impressive in their own way and by their own rights so everyone here is a winner. However, it is our job to determine a champion of champions so we have to fulfill our duty, however unpleasant that may seem!

While statistics may be in favor of the Bushnell Tour Z6 on many a count, it is actually the Bushnell Tour V3 that steals a march on its compatriot and is our pick as the best of the best among golf laser rangefinders. To start with, it is capable of acquiring targets faster than the Tour Z6, in fact being the fastest of all the devices.

Statistically speaking, the Tour V3 Jolt can provide a confident distance number in around 2.07 seconds with the numbers falling even lower in some of the instances. It is also one of the cheaper products in the market having a selling price that is a significant $100 less than its compatriot Z6. While the latter offers better numbers as far as its magnification and optics values are concerned, a number of golfers are likely to trade in that extra helping hand in lieu of a saving of hundred dollars on their purchase.

The prime difference between determining the superiority of the products eventually comes down to their use of optical parts and accessories. The ones that get a higher score for display and optics usually have a higher price tag attached to them. While you will get an accurate reading on the devices that are in the lower price range, the display, magnification, and lens clarity will not be as good as what you get in the higher end products.


To conclude this guide, it is worth mentioning once again that although the Bushnell Tour V3 Jolt has been accredited with the status of being the best of the best among golf rangefinders, all of the other products deserve plaudits for being stiff contenders in the race.

What works in favor of the V3 Jolt is that it has the numbers to suggest that it is a cut above the rest and this is what ultimately counts at the end of the day! While the Bushnell Tour Z6 does get an upper hand in certain areas, the former makes up for it with its cheaper price tag that offers a considerable savings of $100.

It has been observed time and again that money cannot by you the best in every aspect of life, and so it has been observed once more in this review of the top 10 golf laser rangefinders.

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